Providing Care Beyond the Visit

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My name is Cindy Geocaris.  I am a general and vascular surgeon practicing in Northeast Wisconsin.  I created this website for patients to learn more about healthcare beyond their doctor’s appointment.  My hope is that this website provides you the tools to have the best experiences with your doctor and come away with the knowledge that you expect.

I also created this website as a resource for physicians if they are interested in physician coaching with myself or with Simply Kerry.  I have been an extremely busy surgeon and mother and am not a stranger to struggles with work-life balance, burnout and stress.  I turned to a life coach to help me regain balance and happiness in my life after a series of traumas.  These included the death of my father who was also my partner, and the loss of our family business.

Hopefully, sharing my story will help patients see some of the human side of medicine and help physicians to reach out if they are in need.

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