I am a very accomplished robotic surgeon and currently am a paid consultant and proctor with intuitive surgical.  I am available through Intuitive for any robotic proctoring. This can also include a speaking event to surgeons, referring physicians and staff.  I am also available for advice on building a robotic practice.

Part of my experience includes balancing a busy surgical career with family.  I am available to speak to young surgeons, medical students or high school students regarding the challenges of family and being a physician.


For 13 years, I ran my own independent practice with my father.  This was a multimillion dollar practice which included 5 surgeons and 2 midlevel providers.  During that time, we implemented Epic EMR and did our own insurance contracting, billing and coding.  I was involved on the board of a physician conglomerate that purchased benefits for over 100 independent physicians.  I served as chief of surgery at Bellin Hospital for 3 terms. I served on the Medical Executive Committee at Bellin Hospital and Aurora Bay Care Medical Center.  I also served on the Board of Managers for Bay Care Clinic. I am available for consulting on practice development and physician mentoring.

Developing a Robotic Program

I have been involved in developing two different robotic programs in the State of Wisconsin.  These were built from the ground up. I started robotic surgery in 2005 when a patient donated an Si robot to Bellin hospital.  I was involved in the single site launch for Intuitive Surgical. I also had a hernia mentor site in robotic surgery. I currently serve as a paid consultant for Intuitive Surgical for proctoring and speaking engagements.

Executive Coaching

I have had an Executive Coach since 2014 through Simply Kerry. She happens to be also be my sister. Growing up in a medical family, she knows first-hand the stress and struggles that one goes through working in health care and she also was the marketing manager for our family business. Her process centers around neuroelevation, which focuses on brain training and reprogramming to help health care providers and business executives  improve performance and achieve optimal health and happiness so they can provide quality care. My results from working with her have helped me better navigate stressors, improve relationships, reduce stress, obtain balance, and fit more fun and joy back in my life. I have teamed up with my sister to help other physicians and health care providers like myself.  Kerry and I are available for individual or group coaching. This can be related to individual needs or for business development.

Surgical Questions

If you have a surgical need, please contact me at Surgical Associates of Neenah, 100 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 400, Neenah, WI or give me a call at 920-725-4527.