About Dr. Cindy

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a major in Biochemistry and Nutrition. I performed my medical studies at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Maywood, IL and completed my residency in general surgery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I began my surgical career in Green Bay by joining my father’s practice. I was so fortunate to have worked with my father for 11 years. We were lucky enough to have our own practice which included our entire family. I continued to have my brother as my surgical assistant for 17 years.

I also have been a clerkship director for 3rd year medical students and a paid consultant for Intuitive Surgical mentoring surgeons in robotic surgery. I continue to teach and proctor surgeons around the Midwest.

Outside of a busy surgical career, I am married to my wonderful husband, Steve. We have been married for 24 years and have four children. He is my rock and my best friend. I have three sons and one daughter. They are ambitious, athletic, beautiful and the lights of my life.

I’m fortunate to live in the same town as my mother and my siblings. I spend most of my social life with my sister who I consider the best of friends. 

I am starting this website as a resource for young physicians to help be a role model, a leader and a collaborator. I have struggled in my career through many rough times. My father and partner developed end stage pancreatic cancer just after retirement. It was difficult to watch his illness and death while the hospital and clinic were a constant reminder of him. My practice got taken over by the hospital shortly after his death. I went through a job change that was like a divorce. I entered my new job with unhealed wounds and new stresses and challenges. I switched to a competitive system across town. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I was wounded from my past and often misperceived. I was burnt out and depressed. I was no longer a good wife and mother. I had to learn to be vulnerable, to be seen and to trust. I went to counselors, hired a life coach, changed my diet, etc. I had to become myself again.

“My name is Cynthia Geocaris.  I am a general and vascular surgeon as well as a consultant in robotic surgery.  My mission is to bring the best innovative care to my patients as well as to be a mentor and leader to young surgeons.“
I am hoping that by sharing my story, I can help those who find themselves struggling in the tough world of medicine today. It is possible to regain happiness.