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Holiday Safety Tips to Stay Out of My Operating Room

After my dad died, my mom would call my brothers and ask for their help to bring up the Christmas decorations from the basement. They put up the tree for her and decorated all the high spots so she wouldn’t have to climb a ladder. My mom felt uncomfortable going up on ladders. Ladders are […]

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Just Throw the Party: Finding Connection Once Again

With our youngest ready to go to college next year, we decided it was the right time to downsize. We sold our house, and on Thanksgiving Day, no less. So, we’re moving and soon – right after Christmas. So, you could say I have a lot going on. It’s also the end of the year […]

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Navigating the End-of-Year Rush in Healthcare with Patience

Recently, a patient’s loved one lashed out at me after I had given them a devastating cancer diagnosis. While it’s never easy to be on the receiving end, I have experienced similar outbursts when I lost my parents and I know these emotions are a result of immense fear, stress, and love. As if the […]

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