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Why I Love Being a Surgeon

Why I Love Being a Surgeon – Finding Purpose in the Operating Room

As a surgeon, I’m fully aware that in the operating room, I hold someone’s life in my hands. In the operating room, I always have to be at my best. Surgeons have what you call “Type A” personalities, which can come off as confident and even assertive. Still, these personality traits are necessary to do […]

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Robotic Surgery and What Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

I’m very passionate about robotic surgery. My hospital performs 95% of the applicable surgeries using robotic technology. I have personally completed over 2000 robotic-assisted cases since I began practicing robotic surgery in 2004. I’m also currently serving as the Medical Director for the Surgical Robotics Program at ThedaCare Regional Medical Centers in Neenah and Appleton. […]

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How to Improve Vascular Health – What You Need to Know

Do you know what it means to improve vascular health? The recent addition of a new vascular surgeon to our practice has revealed that many people aren’t clear on what vascular health is and likewise, the vital role vascular surgeons play in healthcare. When I began my training as a surgeon some thirty years ago, […]

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Four Reasons January is the Best Month to Have Surgery 

January is the best month to have surgery. Why? Things dramatically change in January. The end-of-year rush in healthcare is over. People are getting back into a routine after the holidays. Things go back to business as usual. January is when we look to reset and get back on track with our health and well-being. […]

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Just Throw the Party: Finding Connection Once Again

With our youngest ready to go to college next year, we decided it was the right time to downsize. We sold our house, and on Thanksgiving Day, no less. So, we’re moving and soon – right after Christmas. So, you could say I have a lot going on. It’s also the end of the year […]

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Navigating the End-of-Year Rush in Healthcare with Patience

Recently, a patient’s loved one lashed out at me after I had given them a devastating cancer diagnosis. While it’s never easy to be on the receiving end, I have experienced similar outbursts when I lost my parents and I know these emotions are a result of immense fear, stress, and love. As if the […]

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