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Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

December is hand washing awareness month.  It may sound like a boring topic, but doesn’t it seem like everyone is sick around the holidays?  My family has had several years where the stomach flu ravaged our household, of course at Christmas.  Just when you are the busiest, that nasty cold hits you.  So, it’s time […]

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Holiday Traditions

Like many of you, the weekend after Thanksgiving is the time for decorating the house for the holidays.  For many years, it was a chaotic, stressful and often angry weekend.  My kids didn’t want to help.  The tree lights would be broken.  The outdoor lights were a mess and on and on.  I remember one […]

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Some Thoughts About Gift Giving

Winter is in full swing and the holidays are coming fast!  Here in Wisconsin, snow is on the ground and decorations are already being hung.  This is also the most stressful time of year for the working, busy mom.  The end of the year is hectic for many professions, including my own.  There are school […]

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