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waiting for a doctor

Waiting for a Doctor? Tips & Insights for a Better Patient Experience

A patient’s complication recently led to an hour-long delay in my office schedule as they needed additional care and attention. Understandably, this upset some patients waiting and created a challenge for my team. Waiting for a doctor or surgeon can sometimes be a frustrating experience. As a surgeon, I realize that time spent in the waiting […]

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Getting a colonoscopy and the colon cancer awareness

Why Getting a Colonoscopy Matters and the Battle Against Colon CancerĀ 

Many people are afraid of getting a colonoscopy. Perhaps it’s not the procedure but the dreaded “prep” beforehand. I know because I’ve been there, nervous and unsure of what to expect. Though I regularly perform colonoscopies, experiencing the procedure as a patient rather than a surgeon is a different experience. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. […]

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Elective surgery

What is Elective Surgery & Three Procedures to Improve Quality of Life

Does the thought of having surgery make you nervous? Having surgery, regardless of the reason, can make most people anxious. Surgery is a significant event that comes with both risks and benefits. But what about elective surgery, and what exactly is elective surgery? In this blog, we’ll answer that question and discuss how three elective […]

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