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Heart Disease in Women: My Personal Experience

Heart disease in women is personal to me. Two years ago, at the age of 52, I experienced chest pain while in the operating room. Despite being healthy and exercising regularly, I neglected the symptoms for most of the day. I initially thought it was heartburn, but the symptoms got worse throughout the day. When […]

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Robotic Surgery and What Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

I’m very passionate about robotic surgery. My hospital performs 95% of the applicable surgeries using robotic technology. I have personally completed over 2000 robotic-assisted cases since I began practicing robotic surgery in 2004. I’m also currently serving as the Medical Director for the Surgical Robotics Program at ThedaCare Regional Medical Centers in Neenah and Appleton. […]

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How to Improve Vascular Health – What You Need to Know

Do you know what it means to improve vascular health? The recent addition of a new vascular surgeon to our practice has revealed that many people aren’t clear on what vascular health is and likewise, the vital role vascular surgeons play in healthcare. When I began my training as a surgeon some thirty years ago, […]

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