Staying Healthy During the Coronavirus

We are all adjusting to the new normal of staying home.  I have a full house here with my four children, my son's girlfriend and 3 dogs. We have four different schools going on in four different areas of the house.  Everyone has their own idiosynchraties and peculiarities.  While there are some challenging times, it is wonderful to have my family together under the same roof.  I'm not sure if that will ever happen again.  We are playing games, reading, cooking and working out together.

My family is doing it's best to stay healthy during this outbreak.  We are making it a point to exercise daily, and in fact, we are exercising more than normal due to the excess time.  Luckily, we do have fitness equipment is the basement to make this easier.  With seven of us home, we sometimes need a schedule.  My yoga studio is offering online classes via Zoom, so part of the basement is now a yoga studio.  Today, three of us did morning yoga.  With the weather warming up, biking and walking are becoming easier.

It is important to eat healthy during this time to keep your immune system going.  The stores are sold out of all of the processed foods.  Take advantage of this and load up on your fruits and vegetables!  Frozen fruits or vegetables are another good option.  Take turns cooking healthy meals and sit down at your table together.  We are an on the go family.  We have sat at the table every night as a family- something that usually only happens at holidays or special occasions.

Embrace your family and love each other.  Keep healthy everyone!

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