Why should you continue to see your surgeon?

As hospitals begin to resume elective procedures, screenings and other visits, it's time to prioritize your health and wellness.  Like myself, many of you need to reschedule that dentist appointment, your haircut and car service.  We are counting down the days to see our stylists for our hair, but we may not be too excited for that mammogram.

Screening procedures are our best method for detection of early cancers.  Even though they have been postponed for several months, make it a priority to stay on top of your health and get these scheduled as your health care system allows.

If you have had  breast cancer or a breast biopsy in the past, I do recommend continuing to see your surgeon if possible. I like to follow my breast cancer patients yearly with their mammogram and office appointments the same day.  This allows a dedicated time to discuss breast health, risk factors and medications related to breast cancer.  I can also perform a thorough history and exam which is concurrent with the mammogram.   If you are like me, my mammogram becomes separated from the appointment from your regular doctor.  Sometimes, you don't get results the same day which can create worry.  I feel there is extreme value in having the mammogram, exam and discussion on the same day if at all possible. It is usually a quick but dedicated appointment to breast health.

I thank all of you for being patient with the stay at home orders and hope to see you all soon!

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